Introducing the CDM Validators and Verifiers Comparison Tool

Today we’re proud to announce the availability of the CDM DOE Comparison Tool. This tool specially designed for CDM Technical Managers and Portfolio Operators rely on the largest database ever built in the industry : eCO2data. During this difficult period CDM project stakeholder need to optimize and improve their control of cost and risk that’s why we created this new and first-of-its-kind tool. Thanks to eCO2data’s extensive database, this tool is the ultimate solution to make the right decisions while matching an extensive network of certification bodies with the right project in a globally dispersed CDM portfolio.

Key Features

Market Share

Get in an instant a global view of the market and check which DOE is the busiest one or the most successfull. The numbers are agregated per projects for the validators and per monitoring periods for the verifiers. This tool is based on eCO2data proprietary database and as the rest of our suite it is updated in realtime and provide a granularity that cannot be find anywhere else in the industry.

Tailor Made Segment

With this new tool you can restrict the metrics and score to a Tailor made segment of the market with an extensive list of criteria : time frame, Technology, Methodology, Location, Standard, Project Stage. All these criteria have been designed to fill the need of CDM Portfolio Managers looking to optimize their choice of DOE with their existing projects. Using this tool you can now be sure to contract the number 1 DOE that matches exactly your project.

Key Metrics & Smart Indicators

Make better informed decisions and optimize your DOEs contracting by leveraging on KPI like % of Sucessfull Validations, Average Time to Validation or to Issuance, % of Reviews, % of corrections and many others. Wether your concern is being sure to obtain your validation, maximise the success rate or get your credits as soon as possible all the metrics you need to make these decisions are here and you can rely on it to reach to your objectives.

This unique and innovative tool has been developed working closely with our users and customers. If you would like to know more, attend a free demonstration or obtain a trial please do not hesitate to contact us on

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Anouncing the new

At ecO2market, we’ve always worked hard to make it easy to source, monitor and trade carbon projects and credits. Today we’re releasing a brand new version of our carbon market platform : To make it simple we’ve tried to take into account all your precious feedbacks into this new version.

Search Engine

Our search engine is now based on a totally revamped architecture. Type in our search box what you would type in Google, an ID, a portion of project or organization name, a location, a technology, a methodology and find in a second everything you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a project, a market player or an asset price you will find it there.

Cleaner Dashboard

We want our dashboard to become a real daily reflex for all carbon market participants. So after you log in it gives you directly access to the la

test primary and secondary prices, the recent and forecasted credit supply and the pipeline activity : credited, registered and just started.

Excel API

Yes, you heard that right. Introducing the eCO2data API Extension for Microsoft Excel – easily capture all your carbon project details, events and updates directly into your personal Excel Spreasheet using our Excel API. Save huge amounts of time gathering data and spend more time analysing!

Old Browsers

As many of our users are using an old browser (IE7,8 sometimes 6..) we have installed a plugin (Google Chrome Frame) to help them take advantage of the latest open web technologies we used to build eCO2data. It will automatically appear while browsing the site with an old browser and wil offer you to install this small addin that will make your web navigation faster than ever.

More to come

Compare DOE. Specially designed for carbon project operations manager, this feature will help them analyse and find the best choice of Validators and Verifiers for their specific needs and according to fresh statistics and robust benchmarking.

Global Benchmarking tool. Speaking about benchmarking, we’ve totally redesigned the Compare project tool.

Portfolios. At last you’ll be able to enter your ERPA contracts in and let us modelize and compute your VaR, MTM and other crucial metrics.

People. We’re about to introduce a new item in our database. After being the first platform to aggregate all carbon projects in the world and the organizations related to it, we are now assembling the largest carbon professionals database ever with all their contacts, participation historic and performance metrics associated.

Not Familiar with eCO2data yet ?

We have updated the non-users part of our platform to explain what we do and how we can help you. Just visit to learn more.

The eCO2data Team.

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The adoption of standardised baseline gives a new dimension to benchmark tool

The principle of a standardised baseline was adopted during the last CDM Executive Board Meeting. This rule makes it easier for project developers to prove the additionality of projects, by simplifying   the research of emission factors. Developers will now be able to use the same data for similar projects.

Thus, our top tier benchmark tool, enabling to compare PDDs of similar technology and/or similar country,  can now help you to semi-automatically generate PDD reports. Among the 21,000+ projects of our database, there must be one that will match with your expectations…   Want to learn more? 


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How many credits by 2020?

Different scenarios can be considered to assess the volume of credits that will be circulating on the market for the coming years. The cap will depend, among others, on the emission reduction objective of the European Union, the set aside, and of the number of available CERs.

Volume on the market by 2020, in billion

First of all, how long will be the market by the end of the second phase (December 2012)? Recently, a leaked draft of an official European Commision stated that 2.4 billion tons of EUAs should be aggregated in surplus by the end of the year. In addition, 100 million credits from the New Entrant Reserve should be auctioned. To top it all, new CERs will flood the marked: according to UNEP Risoe, 1.151 billion CERs should be issued by the end of 2012. Given the fact that 0.866 billion tons of CERs have been issued thus far, around 0.3 billion CERs should be issued by the end of the year.

This credit flooding by the end of phase 2 supports the need ot the currently debated 1.4 billion permit set aside by 2020. Whether or not the set aside will be decided impact largely the price must be computed in price forecast model (see chart below). Finally, another major factor for the volume available by 2020 shall be determined by the emission reduction objective adopted by the EU: Should it be 20%, as it is currently agreed, then 1.285 billion EUAs are to be auctioned by 2020. If the 30% objective is chosen, as the Denmark presidency is thriving for, then only 0.944 billion EUAs would be auctioned.

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eCO2data unrolls carbon Market Prices tool

eCO2market is thrilled to announce the launch of its much anticipated carbon Market Prices tool (Expert eCO2data subscription required). This easy-to-use tool benefits our users by allowing them to easily understand market prices with eCO2market’s quantitative expertise, and makes historical pricing information available for several years in the past. Below, see a partial view of our newly redesigned Dashboard screen:

Partial view of eCO2data's new dashboard layout with Market Prices

Beyond the Dashboard, you can also visit the Market Prices tab  in the navigation column and, as usual, find intense information about many different carbon instruments (CERs, EUAs, ERUs, etc.) or sort by technology type (see below).

eCO2data's new Market Prices tab

You can sort and compare projects that use different technologies or standards and even export information to Excel (.xls) or Comma Separated Value (CSV) formats for your convenience and offline manipulation.

Finally, we have tied our pricing information to our carbon search engine. That means that users can easily search for different types of credits and understand at which levels they are trading.

If you have any questions about this new feature, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team via email or Twitter.

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eCO2market profile now on TechCrunch

Recently, Jon Evans from the major technology and business blog TechCrunch sat down with eCO2market’s Chris Draper to discuss carbon markets and our company.

By easily disseminating a lot of information about  carbon markets and can help novices understand more about how our services can benefit a company – even a company that has no “traditional” links to carbon finance. Finally, Mr Evans does a great job of helping everyone understand exactly what it is that we do here:

eCO2Market dispenses with weighty reports, and disintermediates analysts and researchers. Instead it tries to build up the biggest, most thorough, and most up-to-date database of carbon-market information, and then gives its users algorithmic tools to search, slice, dice, and organize that data themselves

Click here to read the whole article. What do you think? Are the data keepers going to win this and create a new layer of transparency? Or will the traditional juggernauts continue winning the market? Let us know in the comments section!

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CDM project registration rush before December cutoff

The countdown is almost over! It is commonly agreed upon that a project which has not received domestic approval before February is highly unlikely to be registered before the cut-off date of 31 December 2012.

For the record, the UN’s main credit outlet, the European Trading Scheme, decided that projects registered after the 31st of December 2012 shall only come from Least Developed Countries. This was presented as a move to rebalance the geographical development of all CDM projects. The final objective also seems to try to curb the over-supply of emission reduction project credits.

Source: project registration pipeline

Taking into account this new constraint, project developers have, for the last few months, rushed to get their non-LDC projects validated and registered. According to the opposite graph, it takes on average at least 127 days to get a project registered. Most importantly, there are few credit buyers ready and willing to take the risk of signing any Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPA) given the uncertainty of getting the project registered on time, and thus missing eligibility for the European market.

And yet, some project developers are now considering more and more PoAs (Programme of Activities). Such projects present fewer eligibility questions, and recent figures demonstrate a growing interest in this specific project group: 24 PoAs are in validation and 14 in registration.

Alexis Poullain is a carbon market analyst at eCO2market. This article originally appeared in the 25 January 2012 edition of eCO2abacus, our free weekly carbon newsletter. Sign up to receive future editions in your inbox.

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