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eCO2market profile now on TechCrunch

Recently, Jon Evans from the major technology and business blog TechCrunch sat down with eCO2market’s Chris Draper to discuss carbon markets and our company. By easily disseminating a lot of information about  carbon markets and can help novices understand more … Continue reading

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CDM project registration rush before December cutoff

The countdown is almost over! It is commonly agreed upon that a project which has not received domestic approval before February is highly unlikely to be registered before the cut-off date of 31 December 2012. For the record, the UN’s … Continue reading

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American airlines already benefitting from new EU rules

Yesterday, Reuters published an interesting piece about how American airline companies are already seeing windfall profits from new EU ETS rules geared towards reducing airline carbon emissions. After several months of bickering, and the American government  drafting a bill making … Continue reading

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Is California Dreamin’? An early look at the AB 32 carbon cap-and-trade market

At eCO2market, we have watched the California cap-and-trade market evolve from an idea to a program on the cusp of implementation. As you probably know by now, the market rules have been set by the California Air Resources Board (ARB), … Continue reading

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Post Kyoto: What does carbon’s future hold?

Each day we approach the upcoming Durban climate talks is another day that the eCO2market staff has another discussion about what the future of carbon markets will look like. Since it’s Friday and because Durban starts in just over a … Continue reading

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Congratulations to eCO2market’s Marius Frunza for most accurate EUA and CER prices

A nice piece of news for a Friday afternoon here at eCO2market. Our whole office is congratulating Marius-Cristian Frunza, the company’s Head of Research, for most closely predicting the Q3 2011 EUA and CER prices, according to Thomson Reuters Point … Continue reading

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The mirage of future demand

It is well accepted that EUA prices are nothing less than the actual price of a forward long-term contingency representing the future deficit on the EU ETS. Dealing with a contingency in an incomplete market heavily driven by regulatory policies, … Continue reading

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