Anouncing the new

At ecO2market, we’ve always worked hard to make it easy to source, monitor and trade carbon projects and credits. Today we’re releasing a brand new version of our carbon market platform : To make it simple we’ve tried to take into account all your precious feedbacks into this new version.

Search Engine

Our search engine is now based on a totally revamped architecture. Type in our search box what you would type in Google, an ID, a portion of project or organization name, a location, a technology, a methodology and find in a second everything you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a project, a market player or an asset price you will find it there.

Cleaner Dashboard

We want our dashboard to become a real daily reflex for all carbon market participants. So after you log in it gives you directly access to the la

test primary and secondary prices, the recent and forecasted credit supply and the pipeline activity : credited, registered and just started.

Excel API

Yes, you heard that right. Introducing the eCO2data API Extension for Microsoft Excel – easily capture all your carbon project details, events and updates directly into your personal Excel Spreasheet using our Excel API. Save huge amounts of time gathering data and spend more time analysing!

Old Browsers

As many of our users are using an old browser (IE7,8 sometimes 6..) we have installed a plugin (Google Chrome Frame) to help them take advantage of the latest open web technologies we used to build eCO2data. It will automatically appear while browsing the site with an old browser and wil offer you to install this small addin that will make your web navigation faster than ever.

More to come

Compare DOE. Specially designed for carbon project operations manager, this feature will help them analyse and find the best choice of Validators and Verifiers for their specific needs and according to fresh statistics and robust benchmarking.

Global Benchmarking tool. Speaking about benchmarking, we’ve totally redesigned the Compare project tool.

Portfolios. At last you’ll be able to enter your ERPA contracts in and let us modelize and compute your VaR, MTM and other crucial metrics.

People. We’re about to introduce a new item in our database. After being the first platform to aggregate all carbon projects in the world and the organizations related to it, we are now assembling the largest carbon professionals database ever with all their contacts, participation historic and performance metrics associated.

Not Familiar with eCO2data yet ?

We have updated the non-users part of our platform to explain what we do and how we can help you. Just visit to learn more.

The eCO2data Team.

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