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CDM project registration rush before December cutoff

The countdown is almost over! It is commonly agreed upon that a project which has not received domestic approval before February is highly unlikely to be registered before the cut-off date of 31 December 2012. For the record, the UN’s … Continue reading

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Law giant DFDL Mekong chooses eCO2data to grow business

eCO2market is pleased to announce that Thailand’s law giant DFDL Mekong has selected our company’s flagship service, eCO2data, to help expand business opportunities for their law and tax offices. By selecting eCO2data, DFDL Mekong has chosen the most expansive carbon … Continue reading

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eCO2market welcomes ToughStuff as newest client

eCO2market is pleased to welcome ToughStuff as our newest client. ToughStuff is another example that demonstrates eCO2data’s powerful abilities and focuses the platform as an innovative tool no matter who your company approaches sustainability. ToughStuff has made a name for … Continue reading

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Carbon Market Retrospective 2011: a record year, for better or worse

Last year was full of surprises, good and bad included. Of course, for worse, CER prices lost two-thirds of their value within the year, from almost 14 €/t in June to less than 4.5 €/t at the end of 2011. … Continue reading

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COP 17 Special: eCO2market’s Durban Platform review

eCO2market’s resident world traveler and carbon analyst Alexis Poullain went to Durban to observe the COP17/CMP7 conference. Below is his Durban Platform review and assorted pictures from the event: The agreement reached in Durban is, without contest, a political success. … Continue reading

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eCO2data.com update: new search engine is live

Yesterday we performed a quiet update of the eCO2data.com platform. For the most part the update helped improve our back-end infrastructure to make your experience faster and more effective online. But, we also did a little “Spring cleaning” and removed … Continue reading

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Post Kyoto: What does carbon’s future hold?

Each day we approach the upcoming Durban climate talks is another day that the eCO2market staff has another discussion about what the future of carbon markets will look like. Since it’s Friday and because Durban starts in just over a … Continue reading

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