Introducing the CDM Validators and Verifiers Comparison Tool

Today we’re proud to announce the availability of the CDM DOE Comparison Tool. This tool specially designed for CDM Technical Managers and Portfolio Operators rely on the largest database ever built in the industry : eCO2data. During this difficult period CDM project stakeholder need to optimize and improve their control of cost and risk that’s why we created this new and first-of-its-kind tool. Thanks to eCO2data’s extensive database, this tool is the ultimate solution to make the right decisions while matching an extensive network of certification bodies with the right project in a globally dispersed CDM portfolio.

Key Features

Market Share

Get in an instant a global view of the market and check which DOE is the busiest one or the most successfull. The numbers are agregated per projects for the validators and per monitoring periods for the verifiers. This tool is based on eCO2data proprietary database and as the rest of our suite it is updated in realtime and provide a granularity that cannot be find anywhere else in the industry.

Tailor Made Segment

With this new tool you can restrict the metrics and score to a Tailor made segment of the market with an extensive list of criteria : time frame, Technology, Methodology, Location, Standard, Project Stage. All these criteria have been designed to fill the need of CDM Portfolio Managers looking to optimize their choice of DOE with their existing projects. Using this tool you can now be sure to contract the number 1 DOE that matches exactly your project.

Key Metrics & Smart Indicators

Make better informed decisions and optimize your DOEs contracting by leveraging on KPI like % of Sucessfull Validations, Average Time to Validation or to Issuance, % of Reviews, % of corrections and many others. Wether your concern is being sure to obtain your validation, maximise the success rate or get your credits as soon as possible all the metrics you need to make these decisions are here and you can rely on it to reach to your objectives.

This unique and innovative tool has been developed working closely with our users and customers. If you would like to know more, attend a free demonstration or obtain a trial please do not hesitate to contact us on

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