update: new search engine is live

Yesterday we performed a quiet update of the platform. For the most part the update helped improve our back-end infrastructure to make your experience faster and more effective online. But, we also did a little “Spring cleaning” and removed our original search engine, and replaced it with a new, more powerful service. Our updated search engine allows users to search faster and more intuitively thanks to the advanced technology our team has implemented. Some of the search engine’s new features include:

  • Advanced query operators: Now you can search using advanced operators like +, -, *wild card, “exact phrase”, ~fuzzy search, etc. If you are unfamiliar with the plethora of operators available for your use, please use this guide as a reference.
  • Instant search: The technology Google’s search made famous is now available from eCO2data. Simply start typing your search and eCO2data will instantaneously produce project and/or participant results in the search results field.
  • Intelligent query matching: You no longer need to worry that searching “pv China” will hamstring the number of search results. Our intelligent query matching ensures that searching for “pv China” (or “China pv”) will produce results that include any reference to PV or photovoltaic, meaning you will receive a superior breadth and depth of search results.

Log on today and try the new features yourself!

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