eCO2market around the world: Carbon Show London 2011

The reality of running an Internet based business is such that we don’t get a lot of face time with our constituents. But, in 2011 that has changed as we put our faces to our name and visit trade shows around the world.

It began this past June with an appearance at the CarbonExpo Barcelona, and is only growing from there.

Last week, it continued with an exciting and busy booth at the Carbon Show London. With this show, we introduced our platform to a wide swath ofplayers along the carbon value chain. Meeting buyers, sellers, brokers and traders was a treat for us. The carbon community is a tightly knit group, as you probably know, and we had a great time together. Take a look at some of our photos and see for yourself, and be sure to check back as we will be adding more soon.

Best of all: We’re not through traveling yet. Next week, 3-4 November, be sure to check out booth F8 at the Carbon Forum Asia in Singapore, where you can find Natalia and Alexis at the eCO2market stand!

We’d like to extend a warm, “Thank you,” to each and every individual and organization we met at this past Carbon Show and look forward to meeting new people in the near future!

Update: Take a look at this Carbon Show video, which leads off with our own Dr. Marius Frunza, and features a short cameo of Alexis and Chris about halfway through. Enjoy!

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