Congratulations to eCO2market’s Marius Frunza for most accurate EUA and CER prices

A nice piece of news for a Friday afternoon here at eCO2market. Our whole office is congratulating Marius-Cristian Frunza, the company’s Head of Research, for most closely predicting the Q3 2011 EUA and CER prices, according to Thomson Reuters Point Carbon service.

According to the article:

“A forecast of 13.50 euros, made by Schwarzthal-eCO2market, was the closest to the actual figure, while the France-based analysts were also nearest to the realized average Q3 CER price of 9.01 euros…”

While eCO2market is proud to say Marius was alone in his correct Q3 EUA & CER estimation, he was also among the closest in regards to the December 2011 Future CER price:

“Schwarzthal-eCO2market, Barclays Capital and Thomson Reuters Point Carbon had all predicted that the December 2011 CER futures would average 11 euros in the third quarter.”

The original article can be found here (Point Carbon subscription required).

Congratulations to Marius once again!

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