CDM pipeline: First NAMA Pipeline Insight

The “can’t miss” event of this month is UNEP Risoe’s launch of the National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) pipeline. NAMAs serve as a mechanism for developing countries to contribute to global climate protection, with the financial help of developed  countries. The database gathered the 101 volunteer submissions by developing countries, of which 44 came from Africa and 23 from Asia. It is a first step before getting to an official NAMA registry, NAMA mechanism probably being one of the main discussed issues during the next climate negotiations in Durban.

Concerning the “regular” CDM pipeline, 27 projects were awarded 15.8 million CERs last week: that’s almost twice the amount issued the week before! China and India received 70% and 24% of this week’s issuance, respectively, leaving only crumbs for Brazil, South Korea, Colombia and Honduras. Industrial gases projects, based on HFC and N2O methodologies, issued more than 11 million CERs (an estimated value of €95.5M), followed by 8 hydropower projects obtaining 0.8 million CERs (€7.6 M).

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