Learn about eCO2data.com: 1-minute CDM, JI and VCS project page tutorial

Starting this week, eCO2data will begin launching short (~1 minute) tutorial videos that showcase how powerful and easy-to-use eco2data.com is and how it can benefit your carbon related business.

Take a look at our first installment, the Project Pages, here.

We have found that users, especially originators, traders and brokers, have an extraordinarily complex path to finding new projects. Other users simply want the most in-depth quantitative analysis about projects available. Thankfully, we can help both subsets of users with our Project Pages by providing analysis about project status, credit issuance success, risk assessment information, and detailed timeline information. Since eco2data.com catalogues projects in four standards (CDM, JI track 2, VCS and prior consideration CDM), there’s a good chance that your carbon project needs can be fulfilled with our portal.

Each Wednesday, expect to see another short video posted right here on our blog. In addition to the Project Page video above, you will be able to find the Participant Page tutorial here this Wednesday.

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