CDM Process Overview

Here is a brief overview of the CDM process. We will detail each step separately in next posts. As the most complex standard, the modelization of the CDM process has been the first crucial point that led to the inception of eCO2data proprietary database.

Each color is related to a phase : Validation, Registration and Issuance.

Validation + Registration (in : the Registration Pipeline)

Validation is the first phase of the CDM process, once Validation is achieved the Registration phase begins. The Project is registered at the end of of the Registration phase. These 2 phases can be stopped prematurely (Validation Terminated/Negative or Registration Rejected). The stop events are lethal in Validation and Registration phases : stopped project are “dead” and will have to restart the process from the beginning.

Issuance (in : the Issuance Pipeline)

Once the project is registered, it is now able to generate carbon credits after the issuances processes. Several Issuances can be running at the same type, each Issuance process is linked to a specific “Monitoring Period” for this project which is the time range during which one the ERs (emission reductions) will be measured, monitored and verified. At the end of an issuance process the amount of credits corresponding to the measured ERs are generated : the effective Issuance. These issuance processes can like the Validation and Registration processes be stopped. However a stopped issuance is not lethal to the project and other Issuances can take place even if one of them was rejected.

We modelized the CDM process as 1 Registration process (Validation+Registration) and n Issuance processes.

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